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Latest news

  • Good learning experience for Caricasulo at Misano

    Federico Caricasulo enjoyed his first Moto2 race on the World Grand Prix stage today.

    The 18-year-old used all the 26laps of the race at Misano to get the grips with a Moto2 machine during full race trim, feeling the differences of the prototype machine’s chassis with both a full and emptying fuel tank and worn and fresh Dunlop rubber.

    Considering the weekend started with difficult wet conditions, the young Italian Supersport championship leader acquitted himself well, getting into a good rhythm and battling with much more experienced riders.

    At the front early leader Mika Kallio was caught and passed by his team-mate and championship leader Esteve Rabat.

    Gianluca Montiron, Teluru team JiR Webike's team principal

    "We can consider this a positive experience to give a chance to a young rider and Federico showed his positive approach having a good battle out on track. I was interested in evaluating his performance, understanding the actual level of the leader of the Italian Supersport championship against the best in the world on Moto2 machines. His best lap time was under two seconds from the leader’s and it isn’t bad, he would just need more time to ride and his potential is there to reduce this gap but as a starting point it is all positive considering that he had a good battle with the winner of the 2014 Spanish Moto2 series.”

    Federico Caricasulo, Teluru team JiR Webike’s rider: fastest lap 1m 40.244s

    “During the race I had a better feeling with my bike and I was understanding it better, lap-by-lap really getting to know the characteristics of my bike. I have acquired experience riding for the first time the Moto2 machine. At the end of the race the bike with an empty fuel tank was a little nervous but having better feeling in the braking points. So it’s all a learning experience for me. It’s a very positive experience even despite the the time of first day thanks to rain. My thanks go to the JiR team and my staff to permit me to debut in the Moto2 World Championship.”


    Misano, San Marino Grand Prix, Moto 2 results

    1)      Esteve RABAT – 42’48.724s

    2)      Mika KALLIO + 2.271s

    3)      Johann ZARCO + 4.268s

    4)      Maverick VINALES + 7.448s

    5)      Thomas LUTHI + 9.679s

    28)      Federico CARICASULO +1’02.417


    World Championship after San Marino GP:

    1. Esteve RABAT – 258

    2. Mika KALLIO – 236

    3. Maverick VINALES – 179

    4. Dominique AEGERTER – 133

    5. Thomas LUTHI – 103



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